Mage: The Ascension - Refuge White Wolf Entertainment 2017

This is a narrative adventure game based on a role-playing table game. It belongs to the so-called World of Darkness, where supernatural beings are living in secret along with people. It takes place in modern Sweden. We play the role of a young woman who recently learned that she is a magician and is just beginning to discover the powers and knowledge that allows her to shape the surrounding reality. Unfortunately, she can't explore her new talents in peace, because different factions want to use the girl in the war for the power over the magical society. The refugee crisis plays an important role in the plot and the heroine has to discover for herself whether the newcomers will turn out to be allies or enemies. There are no arcade sections or complicated puzzles. While playing, we mainly discover the plot presented in text form enriched with occasional pictures, conduct conversations and make decisions. The campaign is largely non-linear. The player must make difficult moral choices regularly , as well as try to find a balance between the desire for power and the risk of so-called Paradox, a dangerous reaction of reality to the appearance of things that have no right to exist without magic.
Full Demo v1898201 115MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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