WitchWay Andrew Gleeson, Henri Rochefort, Niilo Takalainen and Nathan Antony 2017

This is a short adventure platform indie game (2.5 hours play time). Find your wand, save the bunnies and solve your way out of the well. The cute protagonist has a big problem: All her bunnies got lost in a deep, several floors big dungeon well and she simply has to find them all before she heads to the exit. But the place is filled with obstacles, traps and puzzles. Luckily she is able to cast a very special kind of magic, as she can possess certain types of blocks and other objects. That way, she can activate switches, jump on blocks to travel safely through spike-filled, narrow passages, build little bridges to survive otherwise dangerous jumps, get laser orbs to burn down enormous spider webs and many, many more things.
Full Demo v1.12 24MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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