Circadian City Nowhere Studios / Way Down Deep 2020

Early Access Release This is a life simulation game that holds a unique premise of playing both in the Realworld and the Dreamworld while they both affect each other. You play daylife as a sim/management/adventure game where you try to make money and friends. But you can only become friends with people who share the same interests with you. Friendships you make during the day, unlock items in your Dreamworld. Take care of your basic needs (hunger, energy, motivation, happiness); Earn your life; Develop your interests; Make friends; Maintain a healthy lifestyle; Control your stress. Dreamworld is full of crafting / building / farming. Every night, when you sleep, you find yourself in a weird place. The things you do in your daylife shape your dreams. Unlike the Realworld, you have somewhat of a playground here to take a breath. You can dream of being a farmer, rancher, miner or an ambitious gamer. Only in your dreams. Build inside your mind; Craft dreamlike items; Discover mysterious characters; Find random encounters; Make decisions about your personality upgrades; Find your life goal. What about your love life? Well, it’s complicated. Mouse support will be added in the future.
Standalone Level Demo v5443897 94MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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