Beyond Time / Shadow of the Obelisk Jones and Jones Multimedia / The Adventure Company 1997

Beyond Time is an inventory-based, mouse-driven adventure game based on the novel Obelisk by Dr. Judith Kaye Jones. "Obelisk" was the name given to it by the original designers when it was completed in 1995, but it was never published under that name. DreamCatcher picked it up for publishing 2 years later under the name Beyond Time, appropriate because the story does involve time travelling. Rifts in time have occurred causing people and precious artifacts and treasures to disappear mysteriously all over the world. Travel to ancient Egypt, Tibet, the Yucatan peninsula and Atlantis to find the missing masterpieces of the world and repair time itself. Only your puzzle-solving skills can save humanity from impending doom.
2CD ISO Demo (uploaded by Meddle & provided by nanette) 1GB
WinXP Setup

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