Dead Dimension [Sp] Postmodern Adventures 2020

This is a short graphic adventure, intended to be played in one session. In the year 2169, humanity has conquered the galaxies. Manned space travel has reached beyond what is humanly conceivable. Unfortunately, it has been proven with horror that there is no extraterrestrial life. The space race no longer makes sense. However, the sights have turned towards a new unexplored universe: the hidden dimensions. Peter Travers, an inmate enrolled in NASA's Interdimensional Exploration program with the intention of receiving prison benefits, must complete a simple mission: go through the first dimensional portal and repair it from the other side. Features: Interactive fictional spirit graphic adventure with Point & Click interface; Puzzles based solely on inventory; Two different endings; Scoring system reserved for the most curious players.
Spanish Free Game 44MB (uploaded by

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