Watch Over Christmas Dionous Games 2021

Release Date: Nov Cisco, a twelve year old boy, is smart, witty and occasionally a little stubborn. This year on December 24th, the night before Christmas, a strange call comes through his radio urging for help. On his attempt to assist he stumbles upon a strange glow he must follow, only to find out that Santa has been abducted. Holidays are at stake and Cisco sets on a quest to save Christmas. Not an easy task since this adventure will lead him through numerous challenging puzzles. Features: Classic 2D point and click style; Unfold a unique story within one night, the night of Christmas; Fun and challenging puzzles; Beautiful Full HD hand-drawn graphics; Original soundtrack; Suitable for all ages as well as novice and experienced adventurers (Easy/Hard mode).
Level Demo v1.0.3.1 80MB (uploaded by

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