IDID:IT (Inexplicable Deaths In Damipolis: Inner Thoughts) Tiesoft / Badland Publishing 2020

Who is responsible for what happened that tragic night? Inspired by film noir classics, this is a 3d graphic adventure in first person that takes place in an eccentric manor. Collect, examine and combine different objects until you find the culprit. Detective John Damien Applesid wakes up in the midst of a luxurious banquet in the company of the city of Damipolis’ power elite and no clue how he got there. A dinner with many guests but just one survivor... or maybe not. His job will be to unravel all the secrets of the mysterious mansion, as well as find out what happened and who is responsible for the dramatic end. Features: Explore the grand mansion and solve clues as you go along; Will you be able to solve the enigma of what happened at the banquet; Will you overcome amnesia and find out what happened in the manor; Investigate many characters with unique features; A Noir atmosphere inspired by the 20th century’s 40s and 50s era; Are you the only survivor.
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