Red Solstice, The Ironward / Nkidu Games Inc. 2015

If you think you have what it takes to survive the onslaught, go forth, marine. This is a tactical, squad-based survival game set in the distant future on Mars, playable in single-player or with up to 8 players in cooperative online multiplayer. Roam freely over huge maps, complete randomized objectives and deal with surprise events that keep you on the edge of your seat. Survive and conquer by any means necessary. Get stronger every time. Level up to unlock new weapons and abilities. Try to survive the storm. Take the Lead: Issue commands and set waypoints and objectives for your friends as you outsmart and outgun your way through the derelict domiciles of Tharsis. Play Your Way, Together: With support for 8-player co-op, play as one of 8 distinct, customizable classes, each with unique abilities and traits. Odd Jobs: Tackle an onslaught of randomly generated events with just one hour to make your mark. From zone defense to supply retrieval, you’re never short of enemies to kill and objectives to complete. Earn and Learn: Kill to earn experience points and unlock new abilities and classes. Heal allies, deploy turrets, launch grenades, set traps and much, much more. Tactical Single-Player: Play on your own and lead a squad through a satisfying single-player campaign, and lead your squad through a wide variety of levels using the Tactical Mode, which lets you issue commands while slowing down the action. Game NOT Over, Man: Killing ain’t easy. Drive back untold Martian horrors in multiple modes, maps and difficulties and get stronger every time. Even if you perish. Singleplayer: Up to 30-hour-long campaign; Story-driven missions with high replayability; Build, lead, and upgade your own squad of 4 marines; Slow down time in tactical mode and plan your moves carefully. Survival: experience the multiplayer atmosphere alone; control AI allies just like in singleplayer; learn, practice, master the strategies. Multiplayer: Up to 8 player co-op survival experience; 6 large maps to explore; Randomly generated events and missions; 25 ranks to achieve; Level up and unlock new classes and abilities; complete the story following the singleplayer.
Full Demo v4278674 + Soundtrack 982+60MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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