Big Brain Wolf Frima Studios 2009

Help a Big Brain Wolf become the genie he's always wanted to be in this Brain Teaser game. Forget huffing and puffing, this vegetarian wolf would much rather use his brain to get ahead and save the day. Listen to your genie mentor and solve tricky brain teasers to fulfill your destiny and get Mother Wolf out of jail. Explore a wacky fairy tale world filled to the brim with new twists on your favorite classic characters. Big Brain Wolf is built from an adventure game blueprint and uses brain teaser-style puzzles to provide challenge. Point and click your way through a lush cartoon world, examining objects and speaking to NPCs on every screen. When an obstacle prevents passage, such as someone requiring a password or some activist sheep blocking your way, it's time to get solving. Puzzles range from the ordinary to unique, simple to brutally challenging. A basic hint system provides a nudge or two, but otherwise it's just you and your skull full of wiggling cells. It features half a dozen brain games designed in collaboration with neuroscientists from Brain Center International.
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1-Hour Time Trial Demo 36MB ( @ Big Fish Games)
Full Demo 35MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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