Monobot DreamSmith Studio 2021

Release Date: Apr This is a physics-based puzzle-platformer game. Observation, thinking, control, trial and error are the keys to solve the puzzles. Playing as a small robot called "Monobot", trek through a deserted and dangerous world in solitude. Unravel the puzzles through his ingenuity, skills and reflexes. His footless body makes it impossible to jump when the gravity is high, but its modularized feature provides unconventional solutions to the problems. Features: Gravity defines the jump height, the height jumping can reach is relative to the gravity of the current space; Modularized body parts bring about different skills, mix and match to breakthrough the obstacles; Unravel the diverse puzzles buried within a deserted and dangerous future world; Unique vehicle and robot steering experience; Futuristic wasteland presented by concise art style. Background story - After many year of reigning over by the aliens, a small group of hopeless human elites initiated Operation God Creation, a plan to build a sanctuary on a planet deep in the universe to preserve human civilization. All the ones who came to this distant planet went into hibernation after the preliminary construction of the base. Yet after many years a serect force found this remote foundation, and Monobot was awoken by the force. There is no way back, he can only keep going forward even though everything is already in debris...
Standalone Level Demo v5603870 330MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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