Super Mombo Quest Orube Game Studio 2021

Release Date: Feb This is an action-packed, fast-paced precision platformer. It mixes up the arcade and metroidvania genres, featuring some intense acrobatic combat, crazy long combos, ridiculous platforming challenges, and a boatload of collectibles - all in a huge interconnected world. Get the perfect combo on hundreds of levels. It takes place in a gigantic world made out of hundreds of connected areas, and you can defeat all the enemies in any of the levels with just one combo. Can you get the perfect combo in every single one? Fight over fifty different enemies in a variety of areas. The game features a huge variety of different areas, each with multiple enemies! Some will chase you, some will shoot at you, some will fly around... They all interact in different ways, so combat is always interesting. Play with different forms and special abilities. As you play, you'll unlock a variety of different Mombo Forms as well as special abilities for each of them, so you can keep expanding on your moveset and changing the way you play. Talk to npcs, buy items and get upgrades. When you get tired of all the action, you can always hang out in the village, where you'll talk to the Guardians as well as other NPCs, purchase special items, upgrade your stats and do other chill activities.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Standalone Level Demo v5389172 52MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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