Il tuo Quoziente d'Intelligenza [It] Absolute / Marvinet 2003

In the multimedia era, the human brain is still the most complex machine on our planet. The calculation of the IQ was invented in the first half of the twentieth century in order to detect the brain potential of different subjects. Initially hailed as a great step in the direction of the study on gray matter, it was subsequently considerably downsized to the advantage of electronic techniques (measuring the electromagnetic activity present on the cerebral cortex, etc ...). At the end of the 1950s the strong increase in demand for skilled workers, caused by the economic boom, led to a revaluation of the IQ in order to select personnel. Today we offer you a tool capable of preparing you optimally for the main psychological aptitude tests. The characteristic of this program consists in directly resuming medical tests or learning the reasoning techniques hidden in the form of mathematical questions and puzzles. What it can do: It stores an archive of all the people who have performed an intelligence test and immediately displays the various scores obtained in the relative tab; Performs various intelligence tests taking into account any pauses in the execution, manages the interruption of the test that can be resumed at another time and always with an eye to the stopwatch (30 min is the time available for a test); Determines the IQ and graphically represents it in capacity ranges.
Italian ISO Demo 228MB (uploaded by myloch)

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