Jolly Postman's Party, The Inner Workings Ltd. / DK Multimedia 1997

This is the sequel to The Jolly Post Office, it is based on the Jolly Postman books and in it the jolly postman has a birthday party for Goldilocks. There is spoken help throughout the game together with both music and sound effects. There are also many small animated items such as people walking past windows, a mouse running up the clock e.t.c. but the only interactive parts are those described below which launch the game's activities. The target age for this title is four to eight year olds. The main game areas are: The Party Guest Book - this is where players create their own log on id and customize a picture to look like themselves; The Party Table - This is the heart of the game and serves as its main menu. Various items are hotspots that link to a mini game, all mini games have three difficulty settings; The Balloon Game - The player must shoot balloons as they float to the top of the screen. In the lower left is a duck holding a placard that shows which colour balloons hold hidden letters. The object is to recover as many letters as possible in the time allowed. This game is launched by clicking on the catapult that’s on the table; Lights Out - A memory game in which the player is shown a set of objects on a table. The lights go out and two of the objects have changed places, the player has to identify them. There are seven games per round; Pat a Cake - This is a game of simple arithmetic disguises as making a cake. On the left of the screen is a list of ingredients, five eggs, three units of flour etc. The player selects an ingredient and then clicks on the measuring cups on the table to put the right amount into the mixing bowl; Make and Do - There are two separate activities classed as ‘Make and Do’, one is creating a card using standard drawing tools and stamps. Cards created here will can be sent to other players who will see them in their in-tray next time they play. The other activity creates party stationery such as masks, party favour bags, hats, menus and place settings; High Score Tables - The game keeps score for each user id with separate scores for each difficulty setting but not for each game. The high scores can be printed as certificates; Internet feature - The Jolly Birthday Album. This was available at the Jolly Postman website. It consisted of three pages - Page one shows other players who have a birthday this month. Clicking on their picture will show cards they have created. Page two showed the ten winning designs for the month. Page three showed all submitted birthday cards.
ISO Demo 148MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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