Diva Starz Blue Arrow Inc., team smartyPants! Inc. / Mattel Interactive 2000

This is a game that mixes social interaction with creative activities, based on Mattel's toy/doll line by the same name. The game lets players get to know each of the four Divas as they design outfits and hairstyles, play music, and play arcade-style mini-games with them. The game also interacts with the Diva Starz website for community features. After logging in and selecting the Diva Star they wish to play as the player is taken to main menu which represents a table at 'The Coffee Spot', a coffee shop where the Diva Starz love to hang out. There there are three are three games available and each game has two modes Challenge and Freestyle in both modes play the same but in Challenge mode the player wins tokens for the Arcade. Once the player has won tokens by completing a challenge they can play games in the arcade, here they win Diva Starz credits which can be exchanged for gifts for their chosen star, each Diva Star has their own preferences so choosing the right gift for the right star is very important. Buy a Super Secret Gift for the Diva Star and she will reveal a 'Super Secret' about herself. The challenges are: The Fashion Spot - Here the player sees their Diva Star alongside various items of clothing and has to select the right piece to suit their mood. In Challenge mode the player dresses their star and uses the Star Communicator to ask the other Diva Starz for their opinion using their advice to refine the outfit as necessary; The Style Spot - In this game the player changes the hair style of their Diva Star. As before the player consults the other Starz for advice; The Music Spot - The player helps their Diva Star make music by selecting style, sound effects, beat, lead instrument, and melody each of which is represented by a flower petal. They can then adjust the volume of each part of the mix independently. Tokens earned from the challenges are spent in The Arcade, the games here are; Diva Starz Rollerz - A keyboard controlled game where the player navigates a roller skating Diva Star through an obstacle course; Power Purse - At the mall lots of good stuff is raining from above and the task is to collect as much as possible by moving the Star's shopping bag left/right. However not all the objects are good ones, avoid the water bombs as they will destroy everything caught so far; Diva Starz Mark - A Tic-Tac-Toe game. The CD also has audio tracks that can be played in a normal CD player.
ISO Demo 564MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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