Girl Talk: The CD-ROM game of Truth or Dare Hasbro Interactive 1998

Based on the hit board game. Explore eight different worlds with the GirlTalk gang. Chat with other girls over the Internet. It brings the board game of the same name to your desktop with the background songs of Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys. Targeted at players eight years and up, the game features a girls-only club, GirlTalk Central, whose members are dedicated to having fun playing this stunt and dare-oriented game. The object of each game is to reach 25 points first, with five points earned for each correctly completed stunt and a zit for each wrongly executed stunt. A dozen types of stunts are used in the game, ranging from guessing items from word image clues and Simon sound playbacks to flashcard recognition and Truth or Dare questions. Throughout gameplay, you'll be accompanied by four GTC members, Jordan, Juno, Mina and Rio. It takes place in eight unique worlds including Boy Buzz, Home Sweet Home, Time Trip, School Daze, Sports Spin, Styley, Chick Chat and Entertain This! - all closely related in subject matter to the names. The game support multi-player action for up to four participants via a LAN or the Internet at sites such as the Microsoft Internet Gaming Zone. Same computer play is also available. The game contains five interactive areas in addition to the Truth or Dare aspect. From the opening screen, five journals can be accessed: My Day (diary), Who's Who (bios), Fortune Teller/I-Ching (special profile about you), Dream On (dream interpreter) and The Best and the Rest (favorite/least favorite lists).
ISO Demo 381MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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