Smart Steps 5th Grade DK Multimedia 2000

A complete learning system for your fifth grade child. Give your child the competitive edge they deserve. Developed by dedicated educators, it targets the math, reading and science skills that children need to succeed. With over 190 tutorials and over 400 activities, this is the most complete learning system for your fifth grader. A unique sticker reward system provides continual encouragement and will inspire children to complete each activity - and continue on to new ones. No other kids' learning system gives parents such a straightforward way to track your child's progress. Easily see your child's strengths, challenges and where they're spending the most time. Keep your child a step ahead with Smart Steps. Skills Learned: Math - Negative numbers and percents; 3-digit addition and subtraction; Dividing by 2-digit numbers; Powers of 10 - exponents. English: Sentence structure; Active and passive verbs; Persuasion and argument; Word origins and new words. Science: Magnetism and circuits; Properties of matter; Conduction, convection and radiation; Pollination and flowering. Features: 400 learning activities; Over 190 tutorials; 180 math problems; 120 language arts exercises; More than 120 science lessons; Self-motivating reward system; In-depth progress tracking.
ISO Demo 442MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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