Larry the Dinosaur 2 Delta Code 2002

It's been a year since the alien invasion on Earth. Last year, Larry and a team of five was set out to stop the alien invasion. After Larry's team of five was taken down one by one, Larry met Steve. Steve was camping out in the wilderness with his friend matt, who was eaten by a rock monster. Larry continues on to save the earth. Eventually, Larry runs into Xenophobe, the master alien. After a tedious battle, Steve jumps in and zaps Xenophobe into oblivion with some big fat gun of his. The Earth is saved. Now, a year later, Larry and Steve meet once again. After a game of chess, Steve departs. After Steve walks by a cola machine, he ask Larry for a quarter to get a cola. Larry just tells Steve to kick the machine and a cola will come out for free, so Steve kicks to machine and grabs a cola to quench his thirst. After drinking it he feels queasy and falls to the floor. Larry is left alone to go and find help. The story goes on from there. When a surprise attack of aliens seize control of a high-rise, they lock down the doors, trapping Larry and the remaining survivors inside. As they fight for their lives against dangerous encounters, finding a way of escape is paramount. As Larry, you must search the building for the remaining access cards that'll open new doors to classified areas, in hopes of overriding the lockdown. Rooms can be searched for clues that point to discoverable items or key pieces of information. There is no linear path from start to finish, as all floors are accessible from the elevator. Still, you will discover that some areas are behind locked doors and not reachable. Doors are locked with one of four security levels, and you must carry an access card with an equal-or-higher clearance level to be granted entry.
Free Game + Strategy Guide 2+1.4MB (uploaded by Phat Code)

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