Avelions: The Ancestors Hossi Games 2015

A simple action-RPG, similar to such classic as The Legend of Zelda, this is the first title of the Avelions series. Mankind finds itself being slaughtered by immortal beings called "Grimoire". Where did they come from, or why are they doing this, are not known. 42 powerful guilds are formed allying themselves with the district military to fight Grimoire. The best soldiers in all 12 districts are going to be trained professionally in order to deal with the threat. All but one guild are lost as a result of the war of Jenesio. The remnants of mankind focus their defenses in their own districts, hiding in fear. As for the only surviving guild, Grimoire Hunter, it still embraces volunteers to continue the fight to find Grimoire's weakness and save the Elmsh World from absolute extinction. Features: 6-8 hours of gameplay; action battle system - slash your enemies on map; free roam, no world map in this game; 3 selectable hunters to play; 4 selectable companions, It's a Robo-pet to assist you; 15 catalyst to collect, it gives you specific Catalyst Arts; virtual trainer to build your stats, you can't level up in this game btw; crafting your own weapons and armors; upgrade weapons, armor and boosters.
Free Game v5.32 124MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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