Avelions 2: All Stars Hossi Games 2018

An adventure-mystery-RPG with simple Action Battle System. Ferdinan deiz Marceil was originally a Historia summoned by the Avelion of the Northern Sky, Maegarf Thal. Considered as a genius Archmage, he becomes a hope for the mankind in the Northern Sky (Taloah) to defend themselves against Diaclou Sky Order invasion. Ferde's memory has been erased since he was kid so that Maegarf could refine him as a heartless living-weapon to its finest quality. But one year ago, outraged at Ferde's decision to reside with the Diaclou Sky Order, Maegarf killed Ferde in the Battle of the Archmages using the Four Disasters magic. Knowing Ferde's rage and power, Lumina, the Servant of the Demon King, brings him back to life and give him unlimited magic pool to face Maegarf. Ferde who wants to get revenge against the Kingdoms Alliance and Stranded Heroes in the Northern Sky, seals his own emotion to break the bond to his creator. Soon after, Ferde claims himself to be a Grimoira Omega and places his chamber in the Tower of the Immortals. He comes up with a plan to unite the Mortal World and the Demon World by finding and destroying the seal of the four worlds in the Tower of the Immortals. Knowing the vengeance of his creation, Maegarf sent another Historia, Sido Helvar, to put an end to Ferde's plan in the Tower. However, despite Ferde being defeated, Sido vanishes without a trace. While there are no more Historias that could be summoned to enter the tower, Auvrelyn, who was Sido's apprentice, enters the tower herself to search for her master. Features: 6-8 hours of gameplay; action battle system; 4 playable characters to play; 12 stars of sign with different battle style; sub-weapon crafting; sub-weapon crafting; hundred rooms to storm; upgrade your hidden base to get additonal feature.
Level Demo v1.02 158MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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