Four Disasters, The Hossi Games 2016

You are Ferde, an attractive yet reckless? guy, who made his best to the 10th seat of the strongest Archmages in the northern land of Reigeia. No one knows about Ferde's past, including his adopted sister, Elena, and even himself. The only thing he can remember is, he is there to protect everyone in Greymoyr, his hometown for the past 7 years where he live peacefully. It's not like he lost his memories of childhood, he just can't remember a thing from before 15 years old. Some Archmages suspect him as "Historia", an artificial being created by gods. And one day, a weird event is come to turn everything upside down... Started from the missing Elmsh Stone in Greymoyr until Sido Helvar appears in the Tower of the Immortals, he recognize Ferde as The Omega, the man who will ended the "False History". Features: 8-10 HOURS OF GAMEPLAY; Classic SIDEVIEW BATTLE SYSTEM; 40 CHARACTERS to play; TOWER SIEGE; MULTI-PARTY; UNIQUE SKILLS SET for each characters; UNIQUE TALENTS to explore the maps; NON-LINEAR STORY with MULTIPLE ENDINGS.
Free Game v1.6.1 230MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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