Kiki Kaikai [J] Taito Corporation 2000

The youngest child of a mysteriously disappeared family didn't join the family on a journey to a far and unknown place to board an odd ark because she had to keep on cultivating their land. An humble peasant spread the word: a creature coming from the underworld took away the ark. The girl must have been touched by the hand of luck... and she alone is the only one who can save and take them safely back home. You can move around in eight directions, trying to defend yourself against the attacks of creatures coming from the underworld. You can defend yourself by means of scrolls with obscure magician runes, throwing cards and other weapons to be picked up en route. The magic cards and magic spells have a limited range or last only for a short period of time but can be powered up by collecting the runes found after destroying a formation of red flames-shaped enemies or waving an black and white flag. Several items (mostly pearls) will be found along the way and can be picked up and used to defeat the enemy creatures. A round consist of multiple scenes (areas) and each scene is completed when the Scene Guard has been defeated and when a round is completed one family member will be free and return safely home.
Japanese ISO Demo 168MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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