Spelling Made Easy DK Multimedia 2002

In a fun game-show format Spelling Made Easy will help your students become familiar with spelling rules exceptions to the rules and patterns. Students will develop strategies for tackling common spelling errors. Intelligent software assesses each student's abilities and then presents tutorial lessons for those topics where special attention is needed. What's so important about Spelling? Log in to Hamish McGee's TV game show and you might just discover the answer. Every interactive game gets back to basics - when Hamish explains the rules of the games you'll begin to see spelling in a different light. Features: Intelligent software identifies children's strengths and weaknesses; Explanation boards work with children on any problem areas; Exciting games let children test their new skills; Extensive exercises offer fun, choice and variety; Designed for one or more children to use; Score-charts monitor progress and improvements as children develop; To play the games you have to put in some work - but once you do, you can continue with a set of exercises that have been customized just for you; Hamish will help you develop a strategy and suggest different ways of tackling problems and stumbling blocks. When you have completed the exercises, Hamish will tell you if your answers are right or wrong and explain why.
ISO Demo 268MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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