Barney Goes to the Circus 7th Level Inc. / Microsoft 1997

Set in a circus, there are 6 activities to explore along with Barney, B.J., and Baby Bop: Baby Bop's Clown Coaster - Create silly clown faces and learn to connect certain facial expressions with different emotions; B.J.'s Carousel - Make your own merry-go-round and learn up/down concepts; Professor Tinkerputt's Snack Bar - Create your own pizzas with all sorts of wacky toppings, and learn about simple fractions; Terry's Letter Train - Place letters (upper and lowercase) on the correct train cars, then color pictures of objects that start with particular letters of the alphabet; Hootin' Annie's Big Top - Identify the circus animals, and create silly ones too; Video Ferris Wheel - Watch video clips from the Barney TV show. Each activity (except the video one, of course) has an Activity Mode with 3 levels of difficulty and an Explore Mode. In Activity Mode, levels automatically advance as needed, and they can be manually adjusted as well. In Explore Mode, kids are free to experiment and use their imagination. Whenever children have completed a picture, they can click on the "Gift" icon to "send" their picture as a present to their parents. Parents of course need to check into the Parent's Room to retrieve them. Like Barney's Fun on Imagination Island, Fun on the Farm with Barney and Barney Under The Sea if you do have the ActiMates Barney, along with the PC Pack, you can set it up so that the doll will take the place of on-screen Barney and interact with your child. Cover Actimates Barney's eyes while playing the activities and the on-screen character will play peek-a-boo. Squeezing the doll's hand in regular activity mode will prompt Barney to give a little learning lecture, and in explore mode, Barney will participate by adding something to the creation. During an activity, pressing Barney's middle toe will prompt the doll to sing a song that has a similar theme as the activity at hand.
ISO Demo 353MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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