Fimbles: Fimbling Fun! BBC Multimedia 2003

If your child is getting that Fimbling Feeling, try Fimbles Fimbling Fun, one of an excellent range of CD-ROMs and console games produced by the BBC. It includes lots of songs, stories and video clips from the popular TV programme. Let your child join the Fimbles and their friends for fun and enjoyment in a world of make believe. There are lots of learning situations, all designed with fun in mind. Objects must be found: a suitcase, a pebble, a feather, a shimmy shaker, and blue footprint, all of which lead to various activities, including a music game, a maze game, a collage, a suitcase game, stories, tickling games, songs and discovery sequence videos. All these wonderfully exciting activities will lead children to meet Florrie, Pebble, Ribble, Rockit, Roly Mo, and Baby Pom, and if any help is needed, Bessie is always on hand to tell children what everything on the screen does. Feather - Tickle the Fimbles to see what they do. Footprints - Can you guide the Fimbles through the maze? Shimmy Shaker - See what different tunes you can make. Suitcase - Can you help Florrie pack the right items for her outing? Pebble - Make a magical sandpit collage. Includes Fimbles Print and Play: Create your own Fimbles pictures, invitations, greetings cards and more; With characters, borders and backgrounds to colour with crayons; Finding games to print out and play at home.
ISO Demo 523MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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