Kkamjigi-ui Daemoheom [K] Illsoft / Haitai beverage 2002

Kkamjigi is a line of carbonated drinks with flavors of various fruits, very popular in South Korea of ​​the 1990s and early 2000s, aimed primarily at consumption by children and remembered at home thanks to a series of animated commercials about dancing snails who fought with evil turtles and constantly "applied" to this swill: many of the inhabitants of the mentioned country, whose childhood happened at that time, still remember them with nostalgia. As you might guess, due to the popularity and demand for the characters in the videos, all kinds of "related products" with their images, as well as two whole computer games in the platforming subgenre, soon appeared. The first of them, Camchigi's Great Journey was published in 1999, was initially free, and the exact method of its distribution is unknown; by a happy coincidence, a few years after its release, it came to the West, where she even gained some fame among arcade lovers, albeit, of course, limited. This second game, released under the same name as the previous one, but commercial (although it was sold exclusively in bookstores, and the circulation was clearly small), is remembered by a few fans of electronic entertainment even in South Korea itself. Perspective view - side view. At the time of the start of the first level, we control the main character of the original videos - a funny male snail named Wang Nun - however, in the process of moving through the levels, we will very often be given the opportunity to change the character to one of the three remaining: this is the Botanist (male snail with glasses), Pretty Woman (snail-girl) and Rambo (healthy snail-man in dark glasses, armed with a machine gun). The transformation becomes available after contact with the cube hanging in the air, the edges of which are marked with the letters "C": as soon as this happens, a kind of "spinner" appears on the screen, consisting of several circles with portraits of the characters. Switching between them is carried out using the arrow keys; in order to make a choice. It should be noted that the abilities of the heroes are somewhat different. Wang Nun, in general, is nothing special, although all our characters know how - and, to put it mildly, very good for snails - to jump (right "Alt" is responsible for this), and it is the landings on the heads of the opponents that are the main ones, and often the only way to deal with them. The beauty clearly jumps higher and farther than everyone else, the Botanist, being very well-fed, seems to be killing opponents with his own body faster, and Rambo, unlike other protagonists, has the aforementioned machine gun with infinite ammunition, which is an alternative method of attack (it is activated with the right key "Ctrl"). True, unfortunately, its destructive power is not too great, - many creatures are much faster and even technically easier to eliminate by jumping. Of course, no one is obligatory forcing us to change the current character - and, generally speaking, it is rather difficult to say unambiguously how necessary such replacements are; however, it seems that for the passage of individual (rarely encountered) sections or battles with certain bosses, it is still highly recommended to choose (depending on the situation) either Rambo or Pretty Woman, while it is clearly possible to do without the two remaining snails.
Korean Full Demo 95MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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