Siren Head: The Siren's Forest Gwydion LLyr Meredydd 2020

After a heavy night drinking your character awakes in a haze, surrounded by empty rum bottles. You decide to go out for a drive to clear your head... However, you fall asleep at the wheel and end up in the Siren’s Forest. You vaguely remember hearing the horrific news about three teenagers going missing it that area and realize you must find a way out as soon as possible. However, you soon realize you are not alone in the forest. The game is a first person linear indie horror game, based off of TREVOR HENDERSONS siren head property. It includes multiple different methods of moving around the game including walking/Running, truck driving and boat rowing. The game also allows the player to interact with a few certain objects such as lights, maps, and radios. A full IK system helps immerse the player in the horror game and also allows for full body animations.
Standalone Free Game v5707810 1.03GB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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