Gothic Sequel (cancelled) Piranha Bytes 2001

This was meant to be an official Gothic addon, but was eventually canceled. Its development started in May 2001, and the project was canceled in October of the same year. The game was supposed to start few months after the events of Gothic. Xardas managed to bring Nameless Hero back from the Temple of the Sleeper, and informs him that since the barrier had fallen, the situation in the valley have been actually getting worse. Banishment of The Sleeper caused the barrier in between dimensions to weaken, and so all kinds of demonic creatures started to flood the former colony. The Hero teleports out of Xardas's tower, and finds himself outside the Old Camp, in front of female warrior Thora, who escorts him into the camp that was destroyed due to the magic storm caused by the fall of barrier. Diego took over the Old Camp, and gathered all surviving convicts. He tells The Hero about orcs surrounding the valley, and that King Rhobar II arrived and settled himself in the Mountain Fortress. Next plot points are in the form of brief ideas and notes of developers. Nameless Hero and Thora going to the Mountain Fortress, and in order to see Rhobar II, The Hero has to prove himself useful. Mages of Fire have a plan. In order to stop demonic creatures, they have to stabilize the magic structure, this can only be done with the help of the Focus Stones. The Hero will have to retrieve them from Saturas who is still residing in the New Camp. Another step was to gather a proper amount of "Blood Ore" that was necessary to perform the ritual. Blood Ore could be found under the Fog Tower. The Hero had to hire experienced Diggers to mine the ore, and Demon Hunter(Gorn was amongst them) that would keep the evil creatures away from the excavation site. When enough ore was amassed, Fire Mages tell The Hero to ask Xardas for help. It turns out that mages just wanted to get rid of The Hero, and performed a ritual on their own. Unfortunately they did it in inappropriate spot and caused a small portal linking human and demonic dimensions to open, and mages were sucked into the portal. Nameless now has to head to the former Swamp Camp that was swarmed with monsters and undead. He could find out how to properly perform a ritual in the camp, then put the Focus Stones in the correct spots, while fighting former Fire Mages that were turned into evil servants. Once all preparations are done, The Hero had a choice - to banish The Sleeper or to summon him. Then the final battle would begin, followed by the game ending cutscene. A working build was leaked in 2017.
Prototype Free Game 422MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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