Rockman Collection Six in One [Ch] Capcom, the third wave / Ubisoft Shanghai Computer Software Co. Ltd. 2002

"Rockman" is the most famous game series produced and released by CAPCOM. After more than ten years of development, the "Rockman" system has derived dozens of works, which are favored by the majority of players. However, for most players, few people can really come into contact with the most classic first to sixth generation works in the "Rockman" series. Now we specially offer you these six works so that you can enjoy the happiness that Rockman brings to you from the beginning. Classic things will never be too old. In 20XX AD, the evil Mr.M not only controlled most of the robots, but also used Dr. Willy to try to master the entire world. At this time, the righteous Rockman was born. For world peace, he has to face Mr.M's powerful robot army. It includes all NES episodes and English installer/keyb configuration.
Chinese ISO Demo + mirror 96MB (uploaded by redunka)

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