Can You See What I See?: Dream Machine Freeze Tag 2009

Mind-bending seek-and-find fun for all ages. Explore and solve: Clyde Curfuffle, rare collectables shop owner and inventor extraordinaire forgot where he placed two special birthday gifts for his niece and nephew. Follow the clues and find the rare items in time for the party. While helping Clyde out of a pickle, explore his amazing invention- the dream machine. Unlock its mysteries and solve its riddles, then use the clues to locate the missing items. Featuring award-winning photography by Walter Wick, co-creator of the I Spy books. Fun for all: it's fun and challenging for all ages, from kids to adults. Find hidden treasures and unique items in an array of dazzling scenes, and challenge your brain with puzzling riddles and exciting mini-games. This popular game helps develop skills, including problem solving, creative thinking, sequencing and many more.
Full Demo v1.0.14 100MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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