Wand of Gamelon, The: Remastered Dopply 2020

This is one of the three Zelda-based games developed by Philips exclusively for the CD-i platform and initially released in 1993 to bad reviews and Nintendo does not consider them part of its canon. A fan took four years to reimagine and remake the game with Game Maker using original assets to run on PC. Features include widescreen mode, remastered mode for less frustrating play, subtitles, touched up sprites, unlockables, and more. They are not 1:1 remakes, with many differences, but capture the spirit. In the game you control princess Zelda. Her father, the king, went to the land of Gamelon to help Duke Onkled in his battle against the evil Ganon. A month has passed, but there is no news from the king. The brave hero Link decides to find him but then disappears. The young princess travels to Gamelon by herself to find and to free both her father and Link... Unlike classic Zelda games, this is viewed from a side-scrolling perspective. In the beginning you are given a map with several accessible locations. Once you choose a location, you enter a side-view level, where you must fight enemies in real-time combat, as well as meet people who will send you on quests. At any time there are several locations accessible, and many quests can be completed in a non-linear fashion.
Free Game 533MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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