Hive Mind R3 Games 2020

This is a hectic hive management co-op, from 1-4 players. You and your bee friends are desperately trying to fill the remaining honey cells before winter arrives while simultaneously keeping the hives morale above the brink. Winter means shutting up shop for a bee hive, hunkering down and riding out the cold with the resources gathered from that year. A shutdown with less than desirable resources leads to peril, players must make sure this doesn't happen. Teamwork is everything as players have to manage different aspects of the hive at the same time, from collecting pollen from the worker bees to dropping off lost souls to the reaper bee. Knowing who's doing what and taking things where is key, as disruption to the workflow could be disastrous. While this all may sound stressful, working in a hive has one major benefit... NO UNIFORMS. Wear whatever you want to work and save the hive in style. But not all is rosy... Keep alert for intruders that look to take from the hive. So get suited up, clocked in and work those wings, winter stops for no bee.
Standalone Level Demo v5657446 196MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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