Rebellion: A Rogue Souls Like TGM 2020

Early Access Release This is a souls like and roguelite action game, where you are trapped and your only option is to trust your fellow mates! Recruit other prisoners and make your way to escape, face enemies that have handcrafted AI. Explore the corridors of this prison whose challenges will always be unprecedented. Imprisoned Forever... After fail to kill the king, and fail, you waking up without remembering where you are, you find yourself inside a small stone room, which suddenly opens, and then realizes that you are in a prison. Facing enemies with the same combat characteristics as the player, where allies are the greatest hope, you seek the answers and for that you must fight for your freedom. Along this journey through an environment of terror, you will discover that there is a truth about its origin and the reign, but nothing could stop your rebellion for the freedom. Features: Scenarios with procedurally generated layouts, with alternative progressions to story, in the best Roguelike style; Fight alone, or in groups, attack, dodge, parry, kick to unblock your enemies defense, in the souls like style but making your particular squad; Made your squad and manager yours weapon and behavior; AI made by hand, enemies with the same movement capabilities as the player, plotting personalized strategies. Fighting an enemy alone is easy, fighting two is difficult, fighting 3 is certain death; Explore alternative paths, some will only appear at a certain level of experience that the player is already in, others will be dependent on decisions that the player makes during the journey; Improve yours skill fights and your level, defeating enemies, getting new weapons and learn how to die less and explore more.
Standalone Level Demo v5666085 414MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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