Taimanin Asagi LiLith / Infini-Brain inc. 2005

Tokyo. The demonic city, plagued with the demons from the dark realms. The ancient rule has prohibited the demons from interfering with humans, but with the humanity's dark descent, the pact is now history, and the treacherous syndicates weave crime and chaos throughout the world. In order to protect the nation, the Japanese government has established a special force, consisted of ninjas who, with their might and skills, can fight against the demonic invasion. The world will know them... as the Taimanins. Igawa Asagi is the strongest among all taimanins, the ninja vigilantes that protect Tokyo from the invasive forces of demons and corrupted humans. After her last mission against Oboro, the defected ninja and the head of Oboro Ninja Troops, Asagi retires from her former glory to marry her lover, Sawaki Kyousuke, for a want of the mundane life as an ordinary woman. Things take an unexpected turn, however, as her past nemesis creeps back from the dead, and the unfortunate heroine must find her way out from the vengeful debauchery and suffering that awaits her... Would Asagi escape from the grasp of the evil that lurks in the darkest depth of Tokyo? Or would she fall from grace, as she is exposed to the sensations worse than death? This is a visual novel that illustrates the first episode of the Taimanin saga, the long-running series of dark, devious, and dramatic chronicles that takes place in the near-future, fiendishly corrupted city of Tokyo. Originally in Japanese, a fan-made English translation came out in 2008.
Steam Free Prologue (uploaded by Steam)
Standalone Prologue v4383682 76MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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