Mata Nui Adventure Game Templar Studios / The Lego Group 2001

This was the first of the Online Games on, a point-and-click adventure game made in Flash. You awake on the shores of Mata Nui. Upon waking, you find a local villager in desperate need of help. Her village has been attacked by the Rahi, a group of monsters that terrify villagers all over Mata Nui. The Rahi are controlled by a evil being known as Makuta. He controls them through infected masks called Kanohi. Only the Toa, when they have their golden Kanohi masks can defeat these monsters. It's up to you to inform all of the Toa to find these masks so they can come together and defeat Makuta and his Rahi. You'll travel to all six parts of the island, collecting items, solving puzzles and helping other villagers along the way. You'll receive help from villagers and even the Toa along the way. Hurry and gather all the Toa so peace can be brought to Mata Nui once more. An offline version was made available for download from March 2006-February 2009. The popularity of the game was such that the first BIONICLE movie, Mask of Light, drew heavy inspiration from it.
2006 Downloadable Version + 2013 Re-Release Free Games 41+25MB (uploaded by Biomedia Project)

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