Ziu Zizzu [It] Polgames 1997

The first videogame entirely made in Sardinia. From an idea of ​​Romy Malica and Paolo Congiu, the first platform with Sardinian characters and settings was born. The game is simple, Zizzu must take everything he finds in the various levels, paying attention to the various traps he finds in his path. We will find many points on our way, Pabassinos, casizolu, wine, cheese with worms, etc. You can use a vast assortment of means of locomotion, such as skate, donkey, motorcycle, horse, jeep, bicycle, shoes etc. The village festival, with groups of folk dancers, roast suckling pigs and Pabassino. The game was downloaded over 200,000 times.
Free Game 5.67MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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