GayBlade RJ Best Inc. 1992

This was the first LGBT themed game on PC. It's a Wizardry-style first-person dungeon crawler has the player controlling a team of LGBT heroes as they try to rescue the Empress Nelda from Lord Nanahcub and his evil forces. The character classes and items are all affectionate parodies of early 90s gay stereotypes, while the villains are parodies of the early 90s anti-LGBT political movement. When the author went unpaid for developing Citadel of the Dead for another publisher, he developed this using its source code as a basis. Thought to be a lost game, a copy was finally located in 2019 and can now be played online or downloaded. Features: Exciting 256-color graphics; Cool digitized sound effects; Dozens of magic & cleric spells to work with; Over 75 different weapons, equipment and accessories to find; Over 100 different & horrifying creatures to do battle with; And more. Version 2.5's new features: also runs on 16 gray scale and multi-monitor systems; You can now equip items in the Castle before entering the Dungeon; More animation for spells, and creatures; Item icons now make an identifying sound when equipped; Windows are now centered on monitors; Interface improvements make the game easier to play.
Win3.x Floppy Images ISO Demo + Source Code 8.5MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Browser-Playable Free Game (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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