AdventNEON -NEON- 2021

Release Date: TBA This is a hyperactive 2D action platformer made by a solo developer. It's got a focus on vibrancy, responsiveness and freedom. You've got simple, responsive (and remappable!) inputs, fluid and versatile movement options and extremely fast combat to allow you to jump around and beat down however the heck you want. It takes a ton of inspirations from all the games and characters I enjoyed growing up, so you might notice some of that here. The goal is for the game itself to be so fun that you'd be willing to open it up just to screw around in the hub world. You're put into the shoes of Neon, a special android with access to Resonance: an ability to rapidly scale in power. The harder the beatdown Neon dishes out, the stronger they become, until they're a nigh unstoppable snowball of devastation. The catch? This power wears off when you're hit even once. Neon is incredibly fast and powerful, but can only maintain that extreme potential when they're avoiding damage and continuously dishing it out. Like Celeste? You can use its dash twice! Go nuts. Avoid everything. Counterattack through your enemies. Heck, wavedash jump cancel if you want. Like Smash Bros? Well we've got platform-fighter style combat here, so knock your foes around and KO them with that satisfying offscreen explosion. Combat lets you cancel virtually everything into everything else. Make your own combos! Hit, stun and run! Start up that combo with a dash! Unleash a barrage of punches like it's an anime reference! Teleport behind the enemy and end them with a break attack. No preset combos or optimal strats to remember; just hit and don't get hit and you'll win regardless of your playstyle.
Level Demo Version SAGExpo2020-REV001 29MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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