Aethernaut Dragon Slumber 2021

Release Date: TBA Discover the depths of your soul with an open world first person puzzle game in the vein of Portal and Talos Principle. Set in a claustrophobic steampunk world, you must solve puzzle rooms using light, sensors, portals and time travel to gather the aether vials and access the core of the Construct. You are guided by the voice of Cornell, a disgruntled employee hired to probe you and better understand why you are able to survive the deadly aether. As you traverse the abandoned Construct, an unseen entity tries to make contact, pleading for your help. Solve the experiments and discover who you are. Will you escape the Construct before it's too late? Features: Solve over 100 puzzle rooms; Explore a vast open world by jumping, ledge grabbing and portaling; Master the three aether cubes through light driven puzzle design; Reveal your personality through probing questions; Uncover the secrets of the Construct through voice recordings left by its citizens; Discover multiple endings depending on how you complete puzzles; Accessible gameplay with simple controls.
Standalone Level Demo v5480740 873MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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