Chikaro ruccho 2021

Release Date: TBA The world after the collapse of civilization. An autonomous robot weapon called "amorphous" dominates on the ground. Almost 100 years have passed since most people were detained in the underground evacuation facility "Chikaro". Yokaze, a boy with spiritual ability, wakes up in the ruins of the mountains. He has lost his memory and meets an android girl Sigmo who also has lost her memory. The two defeated the enemy and escaped the ruins while solving the mechanism. They decided to travel on the devastated earth to find out who they were. What happened to this world? It is hardly handed down. However, Yokaze can read the residual thoughts of those who lived in the past by his spiritual ability. He reads the memory and follows the remnants of civilization. Their journey to know their origin will eventually unravel the mysteries of the world.
Alpha Level Demo v0.1.3.140 40MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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