Pixeline 2: Hulen i træet [Da] Studio 1-2 / Krea Medie 1996

Pixeline and The Cave in the Tree is another mini-games adventure for kids. Hello to you, you beautiful owl, will you play with me in my cave? We can play with all my fun toys. Click once with the mouse on what you want to play with, and we're up and running. We can take a trip to the wild west and catch ponies and bandits, or how about playing with the octopus Olsen down on the ocean floor? We can also awaken Olsen here by shooting with the big cannon, or finding Mrs Olsen's bicycle in the bicycle maze. Out in the country we can gather the farmer's farm in a little puzzle, or we can visit my friend Wadema and shop in her shop. There are lots of fun games to get started with, and when you do not want to play anymore, just click on the hatch in the floor of the cave. Shouldn't we just start playing right away?
Danish ISO Demo 104MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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