Richard Scarry's Busy Town: Best Christmas Ever Simon & Schuster Interactive 1998

"Take some time to smell the holly. Take some time to just embrace. All that makes the season jolly. Christmas time is not a race..." Christmas is right around the corner. Children ages 3 to 7 can enjoy this animated holiday adventure with Christmas fun all along the way. Help Huckle and Lowly cut down and decorate a Christmas tree for Busytown Center. Climb aboard a sleigh and fly to Santa Bear's Workshop at the North Pole. Help your Busytown friends unwrap their gifts on Christmas morning. Design and print out colorful Christmas cards, tree ornaments and gift tags. Decorate and print out cheerful gingerbread cookies and houses. Decorate and print out the Busytown Christmas tree. Sing along with 12 charming Busytown Christmas songs. Listen to enchanting Christmas stories. Christmas Cheer for the Entire Family - Let your computer be the perfect backdrop for Christmas morning. Don't touch the mouse and all the Busytown folks will sing and entertain all day long.
ISO Demo 266MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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