Mission XMas [K] Digital Games 2001

One of the rarest South Korean games as well as belonging to the atypical genre of "stealth arcades". Santa Claus was kidnapped by some villains during the distribution of gifts. The red-nosed deer Rudolph, in this game presented in an anthropomorphic and very "soldier" form, having waited for the head in the village where the case was, all night and without waiting, solves the problem radically: he calls a helicopter from somewhere, grabs the one caught under the hand of an old chimney sweep, kicks him into the aircraft with a kick in the ass, takes him to his base, gives out a Santa suit - and after a short "course for a young fighter" (that is, training that the player will have to go through; all the texts in it are in Korean) sends to fight the monsters who stole not only the Christmas grandfather, but also a lot of gifts prepared for the children. Isometric perspective; there is a reserve of health, but it seems that "lives" are not expected: in case of death, a revival occurs at the control point of the stage (not marked in any way), and there are no restrictions on this indicator. The goal of each level is to find and collect the number of socks indicated in the upper right corner of the screen. There are no puzzles as such, but from time to time you will need to open the doors ("space"), and some of them, to be able to perform this action, require the preliminary activation of the lever (usually located very close) using the aforementioned button - or finding the key; sometimes you also have to move objects in order, for example, to clear your way - for this you just need to face them and take a step in the desired direction. Bonuses are represented by coins to increase the score, as well as six types of items, the supply of which is displayed in the corresponding number of numbered cells at the bottom of the screen. Lollipops restore health; Christmas trees and snowmen, which in fact are suits and, apparently, carrying the same functional load, serve for temporary disguise (if you put on these outfits, then the enemies, for several seconds, which are counted in the upper part of the screen, will not attack the person nearby with them a hero); bones spread a stench around them and can scare off enemies (moreover, these items are allowed to be taken back into inventory after use); finally, bats and snowflakes are weapons, albeit, again, available for use only for a certain time: the first, obviously, is supposed to strike, and the latter even turn into pistols with an infinite (within the seconds allotted for their use) ammunition, freezing adversaries with one shot. To activate an item of any of the listed categories, you need to press the key with the number corresponding to the cell number with it (from 1 to 6). The battles are very, very difficult: the fact is that it is impossible to kill anyone in this game - the bat only stuns the monsters for a very short time, and the pistol also freezes not forever (although the effect of its use longer). The bestiary after the start of the action is not particularly impressive: at the first levels, we are confronted by funny big-eyed freaks in costumes of a personified image of Death, armed with scythes, and "mummified" (partially wrapped in bandages) dogs - both types tend to attack in a "crowd" and are easily able to "drive into the corner "and score there in a couple of seconds; later - at the "thematic" stages - there will be caricature-looking black cannibals, two-legged boars and land sharks, that is, a much more remarkable "audience". The gameplay is objectively difficult and is based, in fact, on the very real "stealth": you should make your way forward slowly and carefully, speeding up if necessary and saving camouflage suits and weapons - because, we repeat, there are too few bonuses.
Korean Full Demo 83MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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