Find Me Girls Make Games, Team Invenio / LearnDistrict Inc. 2020

This is a beautiful and surreal 2D puzzle platformer about a lost shadow seeking to be reunited with her human girl, while searching for memories and avoiding the dangerous city lights. One fateful night a young girl gets in an accident, separating her shadow from her body. Lost and scared, her shadow gathers the courage to search for her lost human across the familiar, but different city. It takes you on a curious journey through the city streets and into a dark, dreamlike world. Dodge broken lights, creep along walls and ceilings, hack circuit boards, and pick up mysterious photographs of what looks like to be you as a human. Are you really just a lost shadow? Or is there more to the story... play the game to find out. This was created by a group of middle to high school girls at the 2017 Girls Make Games Summer Camp in San Francisco, CA. The game won the Grand Prize at GMG’s Demo Day competition in 2017, and went on to raise over $29K on Kickstarter.
Prototype Level Demo 42MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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