Growbot Wabisabi Play / Application Systems Heidelberg 2021

Release Date: May This is a 2D point-and-click adventure set upon a beautiful biopunk space station. You play as Nara, a growbot in training to become a captain. When your station home is attacked by rapidly growing crystals, it's down to you to save it. The game is inspired by classic adventure games like Loom, modern adventure games like Machinarium, and aims to appeal to both seasoned and new gamers. It's developed in Unity. Features: Explore a beautiful space station and repair its strange machinery; Interact with fantastic plants and aliens; Use your Brain(apilla) to solve puzzles; Collect the sounds of flowers and combine them to create powerful shields; Meet a fluffy white hologram called Star Belly with a galaxy inside; Unearth a tale of flower power with twisted roots; Art by award winning illustrator Lisa Evans; Beautiful music by musician Jessica Fichot.
Standalone Level Demo v5088952 115MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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