Guilt: The Deathless Outer Brain Studios 2021

Release Date: TBA This is an action-RPG roguelike adventure, featuring loot, a non-linear world map, and procedurally generated levels. While your character can die permanently, the impact you and other players leave on the world will remain. Gather your arms and slay hundreds of enemies in real-time action-RPG combat. Hunt procedurally-generated levels in search of rare loot via a dynamic world map. Walk the Trail alone or with another player in online or local co-cop. Share the world with all other players: build shortcuts, share resources, and leave totems to help (or hinder) others. A dark fantasy story: inspired by Slavic folklore, fight in the bloody rivalry between the dark sorcerer Koschei and the mad King Ivan. BEG FOR FORGIVENESS: Challenging freeform combat; Brutal but balanced real-time combat that will put your skills to the test; Block, dodge, attack and manage stamina as you slay foes small and large; Equip your character with powerful procedurally generated weapons, armor, spells and enchantments; Encounter enemies already engaged in battle as you navigate an emergent, surprising and dangerous world; Manage your character’s level of guilt or face consequences. Can you get back up one more time? SHARE THE WORLD: A lonely journey – not a lonely world; Your journey is unique, but the world is shared with other players; Contribute to or steal from world-changing projects shared with other players: from shortcuts to drops; Discover signs of others’ passing; loot, corpses, drops, constructions; The actions you take are up to you... but beware The Guilt Plague; Hunt for your own corpse, from previous lives... but haste, or others will beat you to it. WALK THE TRAIL OF BONES: Play your part in a dark and violent tale; A rich fantasy adventure through a dark and twisted world inspired by Slavic folklore; The great sorcerer Koschei and the Mad King Ivan have been locked in battle for decades… you dictate which will emerge victorious; You are a phylactery - a pawn at the bidding of a great sorcerer. Follow his commands... and walk the Trail of Bones; Encounter unique, enigmatic characters who may enrich or undermine your journey.
Level Demo v0.3.5 437MB (uploaded by Delacroix)
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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