Insignia Uppon Hill 2021

Release Date: TBA Over a hundred years have passed since the last great war among kingdoms. In this time of peace, men of practical trades are sanctioned to take up wares and travel the land as merchants. Armin's father was one such man, a renowned blacksmith who disappeared on an excursion just one year ago. Now, having come of age, Armin must accept his fate as the only successor to the craft in his home town of Ohrenstead. Explore a colourful world of beautifully animated pixel art, harkening back to the golden age of 2D games. With hand drawn frame-by-frame sprites and gorgeously expansive tile-sets, playing Insignia will have you reminiscing about blowing on plastic cartridges and calling expensive hotlines for hints, no time machine required. Gripping Action Combat - Dive into an easy to learn, hard to master combat system that combines the twitch tempo of modern action games with the deep customisation of an RPG. Discover and forge new gear and abilities into Armin's reportoire to become a legendary fighter of your own design. Accompany Armin through a rich fantasy world full of treacherous foes, valuable treasure and a wealth of secrets. Meet lovable characters and encounter wicked villains as Armin faces the fate of his lost father and the usurpation of the kingdom he calls home.
Level Demo v1.5.4 60MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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