Itorah Grimbart Tales 2021

Release Date: TBA You are the only human left in a world full of masks. Guide Itorah through a fantastic world inhabited by strange masked beings. She seems to be the only human left, facing the challenge of making her way across a cursed world. Along the winding roots of the world tree she fights her way through forests, caves, temples and mountain ranges. Explore Nahucan and fight against evil foes in order to save this world from its biggest threat, the black plague. Discover the world of Nahucan and save the world tree from the black plague. Restore lost memories, unravel the truth about the past and find out what happened to your species. Find friends and make allies who will help you in the fight against your enemies. Explore beautifully handpainted landscapes and overcome platforming challenges that get more difficult as you learn new abilities. Jump, dodge and chop your way through diverse combat encounters and imposing boss battles.
Standalone Level Demo v5436580 584MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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