Seal Of Evil Object Software Limited / GMX Media, Strategy First 2004

Control the force of elemental Magic—power as ancient as the world itself... Seal of Evil is a mythical take on the tumultuous time marking the fall of the Zhou imperial dynasty. Out of this chaos emerges an uncompromising ruler, Ying Zheng, who has vowed to either unify China or bury it in fire. Lan Wei, a warrior princess, searches for the mythical Empyrean Stones - her only hope of saving her village from Zheng and his advancing armies. Features: Combines the historical "Qin dynasty" with fantasy elements; Cast spells based on the five elements - metal, wood, water, fire & earth; Over 80 types of equipment including weapons & armor; Create powerful new weapons from raw materials; Each hero has unique skills; Non-linear storyline; Quest & Travel log records events & conversations; Party-based action RPG adds depth & customization; Play in English or in Mandarin with English subtitles; You decide which hero will lead you to victory.
3CD ISO Demo v1.06 1.80GB (uploaded by Terje_P)
DVD ISO Demo v1.04 1.3GB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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