Crazy Dreams [Ru] Macho Studio 2004

Just imagine: a remote province, where sex and the news of the abolition of Soviet power have not yet been delivered, a dirty and broken-down roadside hotel. On the contrary, there is a no less sniffy car service, where a young and hot car mechanic Gosha vegetates, hopelessly fanning from the rising star of show business Emilia... Wow, the picture emerges, doesn't it? Now imagine that fortune turned to Gaucher in the most seductive way, and the capital star managed to get stuck in this very hotel. Unrealistic? But here she is, charming Emilia, very close, you just have to reach out... Of course, Gosha cannot miss such incredible luck, wild plans are ripening in his head how to achieve the location of the star. He has only one evening to fulfill his crazy dream, and he still has no idea how many obstacles stand in his way. This is where an interactive erotic comedy begins in the best domestic and foreign traditions of the genre, where the behavior of the protagonist is subject to your desire. Here, every word of Gosha, his every action affects the development of the plot: he can quarrel with everyone he meets or make friends with the worst enemy; to be in bed with two girls at once or to part with a pair of teeth. Whether the main character will be able to properly dispose of the excellent chance given to him by fate, whether he will be able to achieve what he had not even dared to dream of or will remain forever a disappointed loser - it's up to you. Features: Hilarious storyline with alternative endings; Two and a half hours of full screen video; Ability to create and watch a video; Hot erotic videos.
Russian 2CD ISO Demo 1.57GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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