Fruit of Desires [Ru] STEP Creative Group / Macho Studio 2003

An almost surreal beginning of the game can cause a state of mild shock to the layman. “Total Recall” is the leitmotif of the first game scenes. An unfamiliar house, a strange hostess, amazing guests and an absurd situation in which the main character of the game finds himself. What does this conspiracy of silence mean? Why doesn't anyone try to help and everyone behaves as if nothing is happening? What secret is hidden within the walls of the silent house? A persistent search for answers to these questions gradually reveals a completely different picture. The erotic harmony of the mysterious world is replaced by a rapid series of events leading to a stunning denouement... What you "remember" and who you become - depends only on you. Features: Over two hours of full-screen video; Intuitive interface; Ability to create and view a video; Intense mysterious plot; Alternative solutions; Hot erotic videos.
Russian 2CD ISO Demo 1.12GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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